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About Us

Jarga Design is a Made in Africa brand that celebrates women and also caters to men and children. 


We focus on combining Scandinavian and West African aesthetics with items rich in history. Designed in Oslo, Norway and produced in The Gambia.


Jarga Design was founded by sisters Jankeh and Saffie Njie who are heavily inspired by their Gambian heritage, upbringing in Norway and large family. 

“ We were born surrounded by more sisters than brothers, more aunts than uncles, and more nieces than nephews. The strength of women has been around us for as long as we can remember and is a huge creating inspiration for us”. 


By creating hand dyed patterns, sourcing material on the African continent and working with local businesses, Jarga Design´s long term goal is to improve economic and social growth and contribute to the development of the fashion industry in The Gambia.