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"Preserving traditional design practices and techniques while creating and sustaining artisanal jobs"

With a rich manufacturing experience spanning over a decade in Europe, Jarga made a bold decision in 2019 to relocate their entire production to The Gambia.
This move has always been a cherished aspiration for the brand. The primary objective is to empower local artisans and uphold the essence of traditional craftsmanship.
At the heart of Jarga's philosophy lies a strong belief in making a profound impact within the local communities.
Jarga Design takes immense pride in being locally made, ethically sourced, and entirely handmade. Presently, the brand offers exquisite luxury bags crafted by Senegambian artisans using skills and techniques passed down through generations.

The essence of Jarga is deeply intertwined with culture, placing great emphasis on the beauty of African fashion and craftsmanship. By exclusively collaborating with artisans in The Gambia, Jarga not only supports the local community but also ensures that each piece is an authentic reflection of its cultural heritage.
Jarga's ultimate goal is to preserve traditional African design practices and techniques while simultaneously creating and sustaining artisanal jobs.
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