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BAJEN (noun) baa-jen - meaning: an aunt

We designed this collection with a special purpose in mind - to honor the remarkable life of Jainaba Badjie. Our beloved Bajen who exudes elegance and grace in everything she does. Who she was, how she carried herself and her pride in being THE bajen served as a tremendous inspiration for us throughout the creation of this collection.



The aunt who's living life to the fullest, exudes intentionality, self-compassion, and authenticity while standing firmly in her truth. She knows how to allocate her time wisely, making every moment count. Bajen is not just about being an exceptional aunt; it's about embracing a life of abundance and fulfillment, defined by personal goals and sources of joy. It's about pursuing passions, surrounding oneself with positivity, empowering fellow women, and making a positive impact on the community.


The Badjen Bag collection is a tribute to modern femininity showcasing culturally influenced designs. The bag's unique shape and the distinctive Jarga wave make it suitable for both everyday use and glamorous nights out.

The sturdy handle, inspired by nature, adds a touch of boldness and confidence to the bag.

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