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Production in The Gambia

Unique, artisanal leather bags entirely handmade in The Gambia  from sustainably sourced local materials

Jarga Design was established in 2014. A big launch of the brand was held at Sun Swims hotel where family and friends we invited to celebrate the life of a new brand.

Ever since the beginning, it has been a big goal for the company to bring the production back to The Gambia. Contributing to economic growth and employment has always been at the core of the company.

After producing in Italy, Poland and Norway throughout the years, it was finally possible for the brand to move the production to The Gambia in 2019.


A huge milestone for the brand.



Since 2019 Jarga Design has worked directly with local artisans of The Gambia by producing and sourcing authentic materials locally. This is an approach to promoting and elevate heritage craftsmanship whilst also creating sustainable job opportunities within local communities.


Jarga Design aims to promote and celebrate a higher value for handcraft through workmanship and specialised design. The goal is to advance the development of local artisans, while preserving the spirit of traditional craft. A strong believe within the brand is creating a deeper impact within the local communities.

Jarga Design prides itself in being locally made, ethically sourced and entirely handmade

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