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In loving memory of our  dear aunt.

 Agi Lemo Nyang Samba



Agi Lemo Nyang Samba was a hardworking woman who loved her children, opened her home for so many and raised even more. She was elegant, kept it simple and would at any given occasion be seen with a fabulous handbag. 

These bags are a tribute and celebration of my aunts life. 


The LEMO Bags are made out of 100% leather, hand dyed with natural colours and handmade in The Gambia. All the leathers used in this production is leftover leathers. 


Jarga Design works directly with the local artisans of The Gambia by sourcing local authentic real leather, hand dying each leather with natural colours  and producing the bag by hand. Every piece in The Lemo collection is handcrafted by experienced professionals in The Gambia. 

Throughout the manufacturing of the bags we utilise a zero-waste concept that makes sure that no creation is the same and no material is wasted. 

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